Watch a 2 min film to find out why our founder and make up artist Nat van Zee switched to natural, organic and vegan beauty. 

Click here to see examples of which products she used on magazine shoots and shows.

Do you wonder which natural beauty products might work for you? Ask the expert! Select your preferred choice, click + pay on the button below. 


Option 1 Beauty Swap £25

Provide us with 5 products you would like to switch to natural, organic and vegan. Give as much information as you can, including brand, category name and colour shade. Feel free to share why you like your current product , what you would prefer and your max price point. For foundation colour recommendations, send a current selfie, ideally taken in daylight without make up.  To match face and body it helps if we can see the top of your chest. We will send you an email with our best recommendations.

Option 2: Digital Make over £50

Send us your beauty profile prior, sharing info on which products you currently use and would be willing to swap. See Option 1 for details.  We will skype you and discuss texture, finish, colour and how to apply what where for best results. Provide us with a filled in survey and all questions prior to the video consultation. Max 50 min.

Option 3: Personal Make Over £ tbc

Book the full works;  all natural make over tailored to your needs. Have a mini facial, discover the best in clean skin, body and hair care. Experience the mood enhancing aromas of a clean beauty routine. Learn how to create your favourite beauty looks - hair optional-, whether day, evening or party! 

Available for event bookings and group masterclasses. Email us for prices and info.