Are you ready to switch to natural beauty but just dont' know where to start? Then this event is for you. Nat van Zee* shares her story how and why she chooses natural, organic and vegan beauty.  How to read labels and which apps help you to choose the cleanest products.

Book tickets here for Thursday 7th of July 2017 at 10 Cable St, London E1. 

Did you know..

A lot of what you put on your skin ends up inside your body? 

On average, a woman uses 12 products a day containing 168+ chemicals! Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wash, toner, moisturiser, foundation, mascara, the list goes on.. This amounts to a whopping 2.3 litres of chemicals that could travel via our skin into our bodies every year, year-on-year! Of course some chemicals are safe, but others are known toxins that may build up and compromise our health over time.

So which products should you get? Sadly, sourcing genuine clean beauty is no walk in the park. Unlike in food, the words ‘organic’ and ’natural’ aren’t legally defined, meaning a lot of time spent on label-scanning and reading the small print.

Want to hear from a make up artist which plant-based skincare, make up, body and haircare she uses in her pro kit then this event is for you! Hope to see you there and feel free to SHARE!


Nat is a London based international make up artist for clients such as Celine, Mulberry, Vogue, iD and celebrities including Poppy Delevigne, Gemma Arter and Natalie Dormer. Passionate about clean beauty Nat launched a curated website vanzeebeauty with product lowdown on her tried and tested natural, organic and vegan beauty must haves, expert tips and make up tutorials. A natural beauty expert for Psychologies Magazine Nat is keen to empower people you can look great, be healthy and have fun with natural beauty!

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