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Bold = we tested products of this brand that we love.  M = make up, S = skincare, H = hair care. 



Alva - EcoCert personal care + make up 

Antipodes - certified organic skincare in aluminium + glass

Avril - modern budget EcoCert make up

Benecos  - budget BDIH make up

Balm Balm - Soil Association certified affordable organic skincare

Biosolis - eco safe EcoCert healthy sunscreen

Cheeky Panda - eco friendly bamboo tissue

Dr Bronner - USDA certified organic body & dental care

Eco Sonya - Australian certified organic + vegan fake tan

Green People (Soil Association certified skin, body and hair care + best men’s range)

Hurraw! - certified vegan + Cosmos Natural lip balm

Incognito - natural + vegan insect repellant 

Jack n’ Jill - natural kids dental care

The Konjac Sponge - natural + biodegradable, cleanse and exfoliate skin

Lavera - Natrue certified make up + personal care

Madara - Ecocert certified Baltic natural skincare

Mooncup - eco friendly mentrual cup

Natracare - Soil Association certified organic sanitary items + wipes

Neils Yard Remedies - skin, body care + aromatherapy many certified organic 

Nourish - certified vegan and organic skin + body care

Odilique  - Soil Association certified organic hypoallergenic skin + body care in recycled plastic

Sante - Natrue certified natural make up + skincare

Tan Organic - EcoCert certified + vegan fake tan 

Yes - Soil Association certified organic lubricants

Yoni - Soil Association certified organic tampons + pads

Weleda - biodynamic Natrue certified natural skin, body, hair, dental and health care