Are you confused about which brands are healthy and ethical?

We get it! There are so many brands that seem green or conscious, 

but closer inspection can be disappointing..

We'd  love to give you the tools to choose brands that meet your ethics! 

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1 . You like to look your best - at any age - and are looking to invest in a healthy beauty routine.

2. You'd like to cut through marketing jargon and learn how to shop organic, vegan and ethical beauty.

3. You'd like to beauty detox, and might have sensitive skin, an allergy, hormone condition or illness.

4. You'd like expert advice on which products to swap first and how to use them.

5. Find out which apps & logos help you to shop healthy and ethical.

6. How to read an ingredient label and which toxins to avoid.

7. You are interested or already vegan, want to shop cruelty free and avoid plastic.

8. You have fertility concerns, are pregnant and would like to know to protect your baby.