We all know our bodies respond to stress. Some of us lose sleep, others get headaches, and all of us will agree when I say that stress does not make us prettier. When we’re stressed, we often experience redness in our skin and those who suffer from acne, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema or perioral dermatitis will see these conditions worsen. 

What really causes that?

Research has shown that when stress occurs, the production of glucocorticoid, the stress hormone, increases. That is a real problem, as this hormone disrupts the skin’s barrier function but also prevents other hormones from successfully fulfilling their task of protecting the skin against attacks from bacteria. A lose/lose situation, as this makes the skin vulnerable to irritation. Also, stress causes cell renewal to slow down and decreases secretion of the skin’s ceramides and natural moisturizing factors, leaving skin dry, flakey and dull.