summer beauty tips


Off course all the products i have listed below are non-toxic, so indeed excellent alternatives to the usual chemical summer recommendations; spf’s are generally super toxic see ewg explanation.

Basically in summer you need a lighter (oil free) moisturiser, as skin produces more sebum - your own natural moisturiser -, see here. Gently exfoliation (Oskia is my fav!)  helps to remove dead winter skin cells and reveal a healthy glow. Bear in mind that this makes your skin more photo-sensitive so a full spectrum spf is super important. Most chemical sunscreens do not provide UVA protection (A stand for Aging, B for Burning), so i have below included Green People that does.

Beauty insider tip: Spf in make up does not give adequate protection; for sunscreen to be effective it needs to be reapplied every few hours. Also people often do not use enough product for it to have effect.

On hotter day a mineral powder foundation is a great clean alternative, as it stays put on the skin and is free from any preservatives or synthetics. The Antipodes has a beautiful ‘dewy’ sheen and 17 spf!
For a quick fix to give your skin that bronze glow check out Prtty Peashun, a favourite with A-list celebs. It is packed with organic goodness, adding highlights and elongating limbs on par with any red carpet glamour. To cheat into a more prolonged tan try out Melvita Prosun for a certified natural gradual sun gel-cream or TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil that gives a great tan in 6 - 8 hours without any of the usual dubious chemicals. Time poor? Dab a little RMS Buriti Bronzer on your face, this ‘raw beauty’ range is a fav with Gisele Bundchen and gives a beautiful beachy glow. It does not just look pretty but also feeds your skin cold pressed organic coconut oil mixed with wild harvested burrito oil, a high source of antioxidant Vitamin A.