The minimal, or ‘no make up’ beauty look is all about skin prep. Any dull or rough skin benefits from an exfoliating massage. Here we used Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm because it polishes the skin very gently whilst the balm really nourishes. Take it off with a warm moist muslin cloth that exfoliates too, especially when used daily. Spritz the skin with MV Rose Hydrating Mist that smells divine and helps to absorb MV Pure Jojoba Oil. The Jojoba oil is a brilliant base for a dewy make up as it mimics sebum, which the skin naturally produces, helping it to re-balance and hydrate sensitized, dry or blemish-prone skin. When you apply the oil, a little goes a long way. Use your fingers to massage it into the skin giving it some time to absorb.  To hydrate the lips we used Antipodes Saviour Balm which hydrates, heals and protects the lips or any dry, rough skin.

Next use RMS ‘Un’Cover Up (00) or Vapour Soft Focus Atmosphere Foundation (090). Both give a dewy, luminous finish so it is a question of preference. RMS is based on raw virgin coconut oil, all ingredients minimally processed and best applied with your fingers as the warmth helps the product to blend. Vapour is a liquid foundation and can be applied either with fingers or a brush and is 100 % natural and 70 % organic with a full colour spectrum from porcelain to dark skin.  We used Vapour Illusionist Concealer 00 to conceal blemishes, mixed in with the warmer 020, under the eyes and areas of redness.  If you need to add some powder very lightly dust around the T-zone and under the eyes with W3ll People Bio Brightening Invisible Powder which absorbs excess oil but keeps the skin luminous and is never chalky.  If you want to add extra highlights use RMS Living Luminizer to brighten skin and add extra sheen especially to top of cheeks, temples, cupid bow, bridge of nose or cupids bow.

For the eyes we used 100 % Pure Taupe Eye Brow Gel, as the name suggests it is intended for the eyebrows.  Yet the neutral taupe makes it a perfect colour to contour and frame the eyes in a cool modern colour and texture.

The brows we defined with Ilia Shadow of a Doubt Mascara, the ash brown hue works well to colour and define the brows.

To contour we used 100 % Pure Taupe Eye Brow Gel blending the colour along the cheekbone into the temples.

We used Ilia Humble Me Lipstick to add a nude lip accent. For an opaque finish use it straight from the bullet and you can use a lip brush to blend and add extra definition along the lip line.

For those who love a bit of lip gloss we suggest a slick of Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Oxidant Lip Delivery in the clear shade Frost to give the lips extra shine.

For overall body highlights and intense organic hydration use Prtty Peashun Tightening Bodylotion either in plain or tinted golden shades.

For those of you with limited funds check out our Budget Choice for products in similar colours, with impressive textures, colour pay-off, certified organic ingredients and in the case of Korres the cleanest 11 Free Nail Polish we could find.