Eco Age Interview

Livia Frith’s sustainable agency Eco Age features our founder Nat van Zee about her career as a make up artist for international fashion campaigns and shows with a natural make up kit. Written by actress and plant lover Lauren McCrostie.

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The Vendeur - Bridal Beauty

A big part of planning your wedding day style is considering your beauty look. Preparation for wedding glowing skin can start as much as 12 months in advance. We spoke to make up artist and natural beauty expert Nat van Zee how you can look naturally beautiful on your big day.

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Superfood Skincare by Bodhi & Birch

The ingredient list of the products sounds an exotic tasting menu which your naturopathic nutritionist would be envious of.  All is 100% natural with high organic percentage ranging from 60 to 98% which is very impressive. I never knew I wanted tomatoes on my face!  The Tomato Seed Cleansing Oil is not just  seducing me with its rich orange colour, but even more with the delicious almond marzipan scent from Plum Kernel Oil, subtle berry notes from Cranberry Seed and a tangy spicy and delicate woody warmth from Tomato Seed Oil.

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Dirty vs Clean beauty

We talked Clean Beauty on a speakers panel at Maya Meetings in Camden. You can watch a few videos from that night and find out more about what is in your beauty products.

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Plastic Free Beauty - WEN

In 2018 142 billion units of beauty packaging was produced by the beauty industry, according to WGSN. Euromonitor shares the majority of beauty packaging is not recycled.

We believe every change - however small - makes a difference, also it helps us to feel more empowered. Rather than stress out about the enormity or seemingly hopelessness of the situation.

The best action step we can take is to buy organic - whenever possible - besides buying less of course. Anything that is grown without pesticides or herbacides - toxins that negatively affect wildlife too - is better for our planet. This affects all consumer choice from food, clothes, cleaning, laundry products, beauty and personal care items. Mainstream beauty products contain many polymers, silicones and micro plastics in the product formulations that do not biodegrade and challenge our health too.

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