Live Long Well Summit

Do you know your beauty routine can imbalance your hormones, increase your risk to cancer, dementia and premature ageing? How do you choose clean beauty? Does organic or natural beauty really give results?

Catch our founder Nat van Zee Live online - until midnight on sunday - interviewed by brain health expert Julia Lundstrom at the Live Long Well Web summit - to answer these questions. 

Clean beauty educator Nat van Zee shares her expertise in interview with Live Long Well Web Summit host and brain health expert Julia Lundstrom. Other speakers are Danette May nutritionist, urban monk @wellorg Pedram Shojai, deep sleep expert Beatrix Schmidt, holistic medical doctor Roy Martina, functional medicine Dr Anthony Beck, bio hacker & brainwave sound expert Bill Harris, confidence expert Nicola Buckley, psychologist Dr Richard Sears, anxiety/addiction expert Chris Hill and Dax Moy transformational coach.