Superfood Skincare by Bodhi & Birch

As a make up artist I get most excited about colour, skincare is more functional for me. Also with so many new releases it is impossible to keep up! Testing new make up keeps me busy, and gradually more and more health and wellbeing products are slipping in, as wellness is truly my passion now.

I have my favourite skincare brands that I know will perform, but of course I will try new skincare that catches my attention. After all it was organic skincare that inspired my switch to clean beauty - when I experienced the mood enhancing power of essential oils. Last week a beautiful collection of Body & Birch products arrived and I have been looking forward to use them.

Perfume by Patrick Suskind is my favourite book and when I discovered Bodhi & Birch I felt it expressed my love for fragrance all naturally. The body care has been my personal go to for ultra indulgence; the body oils and bath range remind me of beautiful places I visited and loved. Ginger Brew Deep Tissue Massage & Body Oil takes me to exotic Thailand, Nordic White Body Oil reminds me of Pine Forest walks and Sicily Rose induces memories from its name sake island. I remember talking to Elijah, Body & Birch’s founder - and passionate formulator! - about the beautiful scent of the Desert Rose Oil (Argan, Rose & Prickly Pear) and my apprehension of essential oil in skincare. As a make up artist I need to be careful of not using potential skin triggers, and essential oils can be problematic for sensitive skin.

I read B & B had launched a skincare range without essential oils and I was curious. I waited for the right moment to try the collection, as like wine this range is not to be rushed. I prefer to slowly savour the tastes and textures, in a self nurturing ritual.

I mixed the Avo Bao Cleansing Balm (Avocado, Baobab, Green Coffee and Spirulina) with Reshen Root Exfoliant (Ginseng, Wild Yam, Liquorice, Pineapple, Banana fruit powder and Raw Cacao) to create an exfoliant mask. I was not prepared for the fact of wanting to eat it off my face! Actually I had a little taste, and it tasted and smells just like liquorice..

The ingredient list of the products sounds an exotic tasting menu, which any naturopathic nutritionist would be envious of.  All products are 100% natural with high organic percentage ranging from 60 to 98% which is very impressive. No essential oils are used in this range, instead the ingredients are chosen not only for their nutrient value, but also scent experience.

Until now I have been happy eating tomatoes, but I never knew I wanted them in my face oil! The Tomato Seed Cleansing Oil did not just seduce me with its rich orange colour, but even more with the delicious almond marzipan scent from Plum Kernel Oil, subtle berry notes from Cranberry Seed and a tangy spicy and delicate woody warmth from Tomato Seed Oil.

The Lemon Hydrosol tonic is fresh and sharp with a bitter hint to wake up skin, ready for The Super 25 Botanical Serum. This serum has a similar scent to the Tomatoes Seed Cleansing Oil, with an insane amount (yes 25 you guessed it right) of nutrient-dense superfood oils. Full with antioxidants, vitamins, EFAs, polyphenols and more, to feed your skin to top health, leaving it firmer, stronger, smoother with a radiant glow. It has been hailed as a skin saviour, outperforming prescription product for sensitised skin. 

Chocolate lovers will want to try the vegan Cacao Lip Treatment Balm, deep yellow in colour. Cacao Absolute gives a rich aroma of chocolate, increasing  the level of endorphins and serotonin in the brain to improve the mood. This ingredient is also known as an aphrodisiac so bring this balm on your date night for some extra spice!

If you are not in the mood, or worse at home with a headache, then Mint Thé Temple Balm is created to make your night better. It is an aromatic balm to relieve tension headaches, ease muscular aches, pains and soothe travel sickness. It smells like a luxury artisan version of tiger balm - dare I say it - created with Camphor, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Spearmint and other essential oils that soothe your aches away. 

Want to try for yourself? Click the button or enter our discount code ‘VANZEE’ for our exclusive 10% discount offer. Enjoy!

Written by Nat van Zee

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