Your make up starts with a beautiful base, after prepping skin –see our Minimal Chic How To for more details. Vapour Soft Focus Atmosphere Foundation –here in shade 090- is a liquid base that gives a dewy, luminous finish. It can be applied either with fingers or a brush and is 100 % natural and 70 % organic with a full colour spectrum from porcelain to dark skin. Alternatively use W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick available in 6 shades and works equally well as a foundation and concealer that can be blended out in a light to medium cover that gives the skin a healthy sheen. If you need to absorb excess oil use W3ll People Bio Brightener Invisible powder that reduces shine but keeps the skin looking alive.

For oily skin try buffing in W3ll People Altruist Foundation Powder which can also be blended with a serum or oil to make it into a liquid foundation, in that case bear in mind to choose a lighter shade as normal as the oil/serum will make it darker in appearance.

Use Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Wisdom to softly define the eyes.

The brows we defined with Ilia Shadow of a Doubt Mascara the ash brown hue works well to colour and define the brows.

W3ll People Bio Bronzer also doubles up to contour the cheekbones by adding a cool brown sheen to the skin.

To neutralise the lip colour pat W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick in the same shade as your skin on the lips. Priming the lips like this will brighten the lip colour added next. Both Ilia Voila Lipstick and RMS Curious Lip2Cheek are bright orange colours, with Curious a touch brighter.

Finish by adding Prtty Peaushun Bodylotion to add sheen and moisterise the body.

Add some colour and gloss to your nails with 85 % natural 4 Free Kure Bazaar or 11 Free Korres.

For those of you with limited funds check out our Budget Choice for products in similar colours, with impressive textures, colour pay-off, certified organic ingredients and in the case of Korres the cleanest 11 Free Nail Polish we could find.