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Check out our clean beauty Spring Looks in NYC Numinous Magazine founded by Ruby Warrington - former feature editor at UK Sunday Times Style. Starring Nicole Atieno - you find her in on the Gucci catwalk and campaing - and learn how we painted her lips 'ruby woo' red the organic way.

Festival lovers can now revel guilt-free, check out Thi Thuy Tran in Manga Sparkle for biodegradable glitter! Vegan green eye make up and dewy foundation worn by Indian beauty Monica Tomas in Cosmos. Chakra is all about plant-infused creamy pinks and earthy minerals worn by Marina Soravic. 

Check out the insta post with 2120 views and counting! All models from @wilhelminamodels



"Celebrity make up artist and beauty consultant, Nat Van Zee's mission is to give you transparent choices. Vanzee Beauty vet ingredients and beauty brands' ethics, selecting only the purest natural, organic and non-toxic products that perform safely.

Vanzee Beauty test every product and aim to cut through the jargon to give impartial, honest advice. You can then buy their rated clean beauty products, from budget to luxury, via their affiliated online shops."


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"International makeup artist, Nat van Zee stresses that "exfoliating makes your skin more photo-sensitive so a full spectrum SPF is super important too. Most chemical sunscreens do not provide UVA protection (A stands for Aging, B for Burning) and SPF in make up does not give adequate protection. For sunscreen to be effective it needs to be reapplied every few hours with a thick enough application for it to have effect."

Nat also recommends a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser as your skin produces more sebum in summer; your very own, natural moisturiser. Swap up your usual foundation for a mineral powder too, it stays put on the skin and is free from preservatives and synthetics. Make sure you check Nat out @vanzeebeauty for more professional tips and advice."

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