This book was written from all the tips, knowledge and insight shared with me via the 1000’s of conversations with my team, brand owners, Content customers, industry experts and beauty bloggers over the past 9 years.

It’s the book I wish was around when I first wanted to make the switch to natural and organic beauty 17 years ago and is an introduction to both natural products and taking care of your skin.

For those who have already made the switch it’s a record of the exciting world of modern natural beauty that has evolved since 2008 and features industry expert tips and brands. I hope you love it!’
— x Imelda

The nature of beauty



Written by Imelda Burke who owns a natural beauty boutiqe called Content Beauty and specialises in luxury organic cosmetics, especially skincare.  This book is perfect for anyone who is interested to switch to plant based beauty. 

Imelda helps you find the right skincare per skin type, explains how skin changes during our teens, twenties, thirties, forties and fifties and which healthy ingredients work best to meet its needs.

With an holistic focus she shares  lifestyle tips, great DIY beauty hacks and well-being rituals. She explains which ingredients to avoid and those to seek out.  You can find her favourite cosmetics listed per category from perfume, body, hair and skincare to make up, with tips on which products replace conventional brands.


"The modern comprehensive guide to natural cosmetics. Well written, honest and informative, without a trace of being preachy."